About Us

Image Complete evokes emotions.

We are a creative studio based in Athens / Greece that specializes in Architectural Visualization, Product Visualization, Video Animation and Virtual Reality. Image Complete has been founded by Christos Viskadourakis and it consists of talented people motivated by their passion for impeccable results. We always try to push the boundaries in order to provide exceptionally photorealistic visualizations. With much love of what we do, we assure you that we will implement your ideas and future dreams with storytelling images.


Image Complete offers Visual Communication.

We add value to your project and we contribute to your project’s promotion. In detail, we create still images and videos for architectural, real estate and product design projects. Regardless of the scale, from a small object to a huge park, we bring it to life through visualization. Our team may collaborate with all stakeholders at any stage of a project.

Architectural Visualization

Visualize your interior or exterior architectural project. We create highly photorealistic results in close collaboration with architects, interior designers, real estate agents or property owners.


Product Visualization

Overcome the limitations of product photography and create an alternative and impressive presentation of your product – either as a business owner or as a product designer.


Video Making

Take advantge of the latest available technologies and create a fully computer generated video or match it with real footage from video cameras and drones.


Virtual Reality

Live the interactive experience of virtual reality. Walk through virtual spaces with the use of  VR glasses or stereoscopic images in web browsers according to your needs.


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